Channel Feed API

Every BrightTALK Channel has an associated feed API that returns a list of its publicly available Communications (e.g. webcasts).

The API supports Channel owners building BrightTALK content integrations – custom listings of public Communications for display on your own or your partner’s websites or other web-apps.

The feed API returns a list of the Channel’s publicly available Communications, that are published and in a state of upcoming, live or recorded, sorted in scheduled date / time order (most recent first). Each entry in the list includes data about an individual Communication. In addition to essential information about the Communication, such as it’s title, start date/time and presenter, the data also includes fields which can be used to support intelligent content filtering such as the Communication’s status, categories and tags.

A Channel’s public feed is accessible at a URL relative to the Channel’s public viewing URL on the BrightTALK portal –{channelId}/feed. The {channelId} is a unique identifier which can be discovered in URL bar of your browser when viewing your channel.

For example, for the BrightTALK Academy channel, the feed is available via

For additional technical details see the Channel feed API spec.