BrightTALK APIs Unavailable Weekend of Sat 24th – Sun 25th November 2018

Please be advised that due to essential maintenance all of BrightTALK’s public web APIs will be unavailable this weekend, from Sat 24th November 08:00 am to Sun 25th November 12:00 pm UTC.

The list of affected APIs includes – 

  • Channel Feed API – This will impact e.g. customers with websites that rely on this API to support content integrations. 
  • User Integration APIs – This will impact customers that have BrightTALK content and user integrations, including support for programmatic (pre-)registration for upcoming webcasts, and viewing of webcasts by your users via BrightTALK embeds
  • Channel Owner reporting APIs – This will impact customers that have reporting integrations for their BrightTALK Channels (as well as customers that use BrightTALK reporting connectors).

During the maintenance window all requests to the above APIs will result in errors (either network connection errors, or an API error response).

We apologise for the interrupt in the availability of  these services, and the relatively short notice. If you have any questions, or issues, please contact us by emailing