Channel reporting APIs Release 1.5.0 – Release Candidate

A release candidate for release 1.5.0 of the Channel owner reporting APIs is now available for customer testing in the BrightTALK staging environment. This release adds new APIs for reporting on your webcast attachments and their accesses by your audience. Details can be found in the updated reporting API technical specification, in sections Webcast Attachment APIs and Subscriber Webcast Attachment Access Summary APIs.

The new API release has been designed to be backwards compatible with the previous release, and is not expected to require any changes for existing API users. Whilst BrightTALK have tested this as far as possible we cannot anticipate the specifics of every customer’s integration. We therefore strongly recommend that all customers test their existing integrations against the new release of APIs in the BrightTALK staging environment, as early as possible, prior to launch, in order that any issues can be resolved with minimum business impact. For more details of the changes which have been made to the APIs please see the change history (release notes) in the appendix of the updated reporting API technical specification.

The new API release will be available for testing in the BrightTALK staging environment for a 2 week period from 22/07/14 to 04/08/14, during which time we will be available to assist you with any issue which may arise. After this period a followup email will be sent advising on the imminent schedule for production deployment.

If you require assistance accessing the BrightTALK staging environment, or investigating any issues uncovered by your testing, please email

BrightTALK Tech Team.